Workshop position papers

This page provides links to all the position papers that have been accepted for inclusion in this workshop.

Blurred Lines: A Reflection on the Ethical Dilemmas Encountered During the ‘Google Glass for Parkinson’s’ Project (Roisin McNaney and John Vines)

Involving Children and Young Adults With Complex Needs in Game Design. (Kathrin Gerling, Connor Linehan, Jonathan Waddington, Michael Kalyn, and Adam Evans)

Ethical Experiences – Introducing New Technologies for Healthcare Service Improvement. (Nancy Hughes, Michael Brown, James Pinchin, Jesse Blum, Sarah Sharples, John Blakey, and Dominic Shaw)

Ethical Encounters – Rapport in Sensitive Settings. (Angelika Strohmayer and Rob Comber)

Informed Consent for Research in Life-Limiting Diseases: Overcoming Therapeutic Misconception. (Sunil Rodger, Neil Davidson, and John Vines)

Exploring the Implications of Disability Discrimination Law for Research Approval Procedures. (Reuben Kirkham)

Ethical Issues in Participatory Design With People Living With Cognitive or Sensory Impairments. (Karin Slegers, Pieter Duysburgh, and Niels Hendriks)

Ethical Issues in the Design and Study of Online Therapy for Mental Health. (Greg Wadley, Reeva Lederman, Mario Alvarez-Jimenez, and John Gleeson)

Ethical Encounters with Housebound People: Location, Timing, and Personal Storytelling (Hilary Davis and Jenny Waycott)