Position Papers: CHI 2016

This page provides links to all the papers that have been accepted for inclusion in the CHI 2016 workshop on Ethical Encounters in HCI:

Group 1

Social Computing Researchers, Vulnerability, and Peer Support (Nazanin Andalibi and Andrea Forte)

Making Sense of Medical Records in a Non-Medical Practice (Naja L. Holten M∅ller and Klaus Brun Jensen)

Ethical Dilemmas in HCI: Small Charities and Politicised Campaigning (Sunil Rodger and John Vines)


Group 2

The Ethics of Care Home Research (Marianne Dee and Vicki L. Hanson)

Research with Syrian Refugees in Rural Lebanon: Ethical Considerations (Reem Talhouk and Anja Thieme)

Designing within a Highly Politicized Environment: The Case of Voices from the Rwanda Trial (Daisy Yoo, Lisa P. Nathan and Batya Friedman)


Group 3

“We are human.” Coping Strategies in Sensitive Settings.  (Angela Di Fioire and Vincenzo D’Andrea)

“You Are What You Tweet!” The Ethics of (Re) Publishing Public Data as Crafted Narratives (Melissa Bica and Jennings Anderson)

Rethinking Informed Consent (Donald McMillan, Airi Lampinen and Barry Brown)


Group 4

Ethical Communication in Sensitive Research Settings: The Case of Assisted Dying (Daisy Yoo)

Challenges in Ethical Design of User Studies with Negotiation Scenarios (Siavash Kazemian, Cosmin Munteanu and Gerald Penn)

Ethical Implications and Consequences of Phishing Studies in Organizations – An Empirical Perspective (Marc Busch, Yung Shin Van der Sype, Michaela Reisinger, Peter Fröhlich, Christina Hochleitner, and Manfred Tscheligi)