Position Papers: CHI 2017

Anthony Hornof. Emotional and ethical challenges when designing for people with extreme cognitive impairments.

Merijn Bruines, Robby van Delden, & Jared Vroon. Telepresence Robots in the Wide Wild World.

Taryn Bipat & Tom Wilson. Live Stories: The Ethics of Researching Ephemeral Content During Emergent Events.

Sarah Hodge, Jacqui Taylor & John McAlaney. Restricted Content: Ethical Issues with Researching Minors’ Video Game Habits.

Duncan Stevenson. Ethnography in Healthcare: Ethical Responses when the Unexpected Happens.

Christopher Fruenberger. Operationalising In-Action Ethics.

Bran Knowles & Roisin McNaney. The Dark Side of Data Sharing: Considering the Ethicality of Data Brokering within the Context of Health.

Thomas Grote & Oliver Korn. Risks and Potentials of Affective Computing. An Interdisciplinary View on the ACM Code of Ethics.

Christopher J. Headleand & Antonella De Angeli. Ethical Encounters with Autonomous Agents.

Alexia Maddox, Supriya Singh, Greg Adamson, & Heather Horst. The Digital Frontier of Research Ethics: A Digital and Face-to-face Ethnographic Study of Cryptocurrency Use and Financial Inclusion.